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The Djokovic/Petzschner game or this fight that broke out in the stands? Djokovic actually stopped playing and wanted to get in on the commotion. I was here at the US Open last year and can relate to what’s going on.

It’s Murphy’s Law. These really tall dudes sitting on the seats in front of you will make it just impossible for you to see the game. Plus, these tall dudes are going to wear their biggest hats and since you’re behind you will get a great view of the hat. Not to mention, that little itch in their rear which makes them keep moving so you have to move with them. Come on, I’m not the only one to go through this.

So when tennis fans see empty seats, they take it. You paid a big sum of money to some random scalper on eBay or StubHub to watch your tennis star. Now please, if it’s not your seat don’t fight for it. There are plenty of other free seats at least in the second round in the upper level.

I’m not sure what the story is here but take a look at the video below. I don’t think this dude here did anything wrong. All I can say is don’t mess with the women! Our man Murphy really likes you!


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