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If you need to search for a class (say HelloWorld) in a lib/ folder with several other jars just to see if it exists, here’s a simple command to confirm that.

find ./lib/*.jar -exec jar -tf ‘{}’ \; | grep HelloWorld.class

For a more detailed listing, you can use my script shown below.


# Check usage
if [ $# -lt 2 ] ; then
    echo "Syntax: $0  <Class> <Folder>"
    echo "Example: $0 HelloWorld.class ./lib/a*.jar"
    exit 1


# Loop over files and print info for those that match
for f in $FILES
	LINES=`jar -tf $f | grep $PATTERN | wc -l`
	if [ $LINES -ge 1 ] ; then
		echo -e "\n\n**** Found match in:" $f " ****\n"	
		jar -tf $f | grep $PATTERN 

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