Is the iPhone coming to Verizon in 2011

Writing by on Thursday, 7 of October , 2010 at 10:19 am

It is inevitable. With the surge of Android based phones and reports that sales have overtaken the iPhone, Apple has to go beyond AT&T and attract customers that prefer other carriers. Soon, Apple iPhones will become available on Verizon and Sprint. Are we going to see another version Mac vs PC war again? Is Google’s Android going to emerge victorious? Microsoft is coming with the Windows Phone 7 OS and rumours are that Motorola is collaborating with them.

I’ve been using Research in Motion’s Blackberry Storm for over two years now and having played around with their crappy SDK, I personally think it’s the end of their reign. So, what about HP’s Palm acquisition and their Palm Web OS? Palm was on it’s last legs until they were rescued by HP, but how they’re going to compete with the Androids and iPhones remains to be seen.

The phone market definitely seems hot right now and so many players cranking out the coolest software, the state-of-the-art hardware and the carriers coming up with interesting deals to screw their customers, I wonder when I’d be able to go to a store pick up a phone I like, install any OS I like and use any carrier I want without being on a damn contract? In the meantime, I’m eligible for an upgrade starting tomorrow Oct 8th and I can’t wait to get rid of my Blackberry and go with an Android, but would it be worth to wait and go with the “cool” iPhone? I would go with an Android, but my wife seems rather anxious to get the iPhone and hasn’t done it because AT&T won’t work in our house.

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Cannot delete file because it’s being used by another person or program.

Writing by on Sunday, 3 of October , 2010 at 9:23 pm

I was trying to delete a .zip file and wasn’t able to delete it because Google Desktop was holding on to it. I found from a cool tool Unlocker that can unlock these locks held by other programs. It also tells you what programs are holding these locks.

It does it’s job well, but silently installs Bing Toolbar whether you choose to or not. Gosh! Microsoft has the money to spend to promote Bing!

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