Bookmarks Toolbar suddenly disappears in Google Chrome Browser

Writing by on Thursday, 27 of January , 2011 at 5:57 pm

By default, Chrome hides the bookmarks toolbar when a page is loaded in a Tab. This is so that you have more room to view the contents of the page.To turn on the bookmarks bar simply:

Click on the Wrench, Select Tools, Always show bookmarks bar (Ctrl+Shift+B)

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Parrot Asteroid: An Android Car Stereo (FINALLY)

Writing by on Thursday, 13 of January , 2011 at 12:31 pm

Since Android is “open” and is a product of tech-giant Google, it was evident that the number of Android phones/devices surpass the “closed” Apple iOS devices (iPhones etc.) which reports have now confirmed.  With CES 2011 (Las Vegas) showcasing the Android OS in refrigerators (yeah refrigerators), it’s about time to get something Android compatible in the car. For so long now, everyone has been marketing their cars and car stereos as iPod compatible. Can we have please something for the Android? Well at least to play your music, pod casts, internet radio etc.

Welcome Parrot Asteroid. It does a lot more!

Parrot Asteroid

Key Features include

  • Playing music from any source (FM Radio, Internet Radio, iPod/iPhone/Android Phone/USB/SD Card, Music on Demand etc.) – Sorry no CD
  • Bluetooth hands free calling (of course – it’s Parrot)
  • Physical and Touch Screen Panel with detachable face plate
  • A variety of Internet Apps (Gas, Parking, Maps etc.)
  • It’s single DIN so it’s smaller and you have room for your phone or sunglasses etc.

It’s going to be coming out early 2011 and I can’t wait to replace my factory installed stereo. I just hope it can use data from your phone because I’m not getting it if I have to pay for data service plan.

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