Eclipse Debugger Hits Unmarked Breakpoint on Exceptions

Writing by on Sunday, 27 of January , 2013 at 7:58 pm

By default, eclipse will suspend the execution on uncaught exceptions and take you directly to the code that you may not really intend to debug. To avoid that set your prefrences:

Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Debug
Uncheck Suspend execution on uncaught exceptions

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JIRA XMLRPC Sample Java Code

Writing by on Friday, 18 of January , 2013 at 5:53 pm

If you’re on an older version of JIRA with XMLRPC being the only option (since REST is not available), Atlassian’s XMLRPC APIs are pretty simple to use. For my use case, I wanted a listing of total issues in my filters with individual breakdowns as illustrated below. JIRA Filter (Total Count) : assignee_1(count) assignee_2(count) …

Tennis Project Open Jiras (4) : rfederer(1) rnadal(1) nole(1) andym(1)
NFL Project Open Items (0) :
Tennis Project FRs Ready for Verification (36) : andym(1) rfederer(17) nole(7) rnadal(11)
NFL Project FRs Fixed in Branch (25) : tbrady(5) manning(7) asmith(12) dbrees(1)

So I wrote some code for which I needed the following.

Then simply use the inefficient code below to get what you need.

package com.shivdev.jira;

import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.Vector;


import org.apache.xmlrpc.client.XmlRpcClient;
import org.apache.xmlrpc.client.XmlRpcClientConfigImpl;

import com.shivdev.util.XTrustProvider;

public class JiraXMLRPC4Blog {
	// Our business logic would iterate over these filters and display the total counts and individual breakdowns 
	// To get the Filter IDs, navigate the filter from JIRA and copy the requestId  
	static String [][] FILTERS = new String[][] {
			{"13584", "Tennis Project Open Jiras"}, 
			{"13661", "NFL Project Open Items"},
			{"13611", "Tennis Project FRs Ready for Verification"}, 
			{"13583", "NFL Project FRs Fixed in Branch"}, 
	// This hostname verification step can be omitted if your not on HTTPS
	static {
		HttpsURLConnection.setDefaultHostnameVerifier(new HostnameVerifier() {
			public boolean verify(String hostname, SSLSession session) {
				// Make sure that hostname is valid
				return true;

	// Constants
	public static final String JIRA_URI = ""; // JIRA hostname
	public static final String RPC_PATH = "/rpc/xmlrpc"; // JIRA path to xmlrpc
	public static final String METHOD = "getIssuesFromFilter"; // JIRA xmlrpc method
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		if (args.length == 2) {
			String user = args[0];
			String passwd = args[1];
			JiraXMLRPC4Blog.printIssueDetails(user, passwd);
		} else {
			System.err.print("Provide username and password as arguments.");
	// Business Logic - Inefficiently callJIRARPC - Just for Demo purpose
	// Ideally 1 login multiple RPCs and 1 logout should have been enough  
	public static void printIssueDetails(String user, String passwd) {
		// Go over all the filters
		for (int filterIdx = 0; filterIdx < FILTERS.length; filterIdx++) {
			String filterID = FILTERS[filterIdx][0];
			String filterName = FILTERS[filterIdx][1];
			Vector<String> params = new Vector<String>(0);
			// Construct assignees and counts for each filter
			Map<String, Integer> assignees = new HashMap<String, Integer> ();
			Object issues[] = JiraXMLRPC.callJiraRPC(user, passwd, METHOD, params);
			if (issues != null) {
				for (int i = 0; i < issues.length; i++) {
					Map<String, Object> issue = (Map) issues[i];
					// summary, status, votes, assignee, customFieldValues, fixVersions, type, id, reporter, project, created, updated, description, priority, components, affectsVersions, key

					String assignee = (issue.get("assignee")).toString();
					Integer bugCount = assignees.get(assignee);
					assignees.put(assignee, bugCount == null ? 1 : bugCount + 1);
			// Print details
			StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer();
			buf.append(filterName + " (" + issues.length + ") : ");
			for (String assignee : assignees.keySet()) {
				buf.append(assignee + "(" + assignees.get(assignee) + ") ");
	// Actual Sample Code for making XMLRPC calls 
	public static Object[] callJiraRPC(String user, String passwd, String method, Vector methodParams) {
		try {
			XmlRpcClient rpcClient;
			XmlRpcClientConfigImpl config;
			config = new XmlRpcClientConfigImpl();
			config.setServerURL(new URL(JIRA_URI + RPC_PATH));
			rpcClient = new XmlRpcClient();
			// login
			Vector<String> loginParams = new Vector<String>(2);
			String loginToken = (String) rpcClient.execute("jira1.login", loginParams);
			log("Logged in.");
			// Create the Authentication Token to be passed with every JiraXMLRPC call
			Vector<String> loginTokenVector = new Vector<String>(1);
			// Create a list of loginToken + methodParams
			int size = 1 + ((methodParams != null) ? methodParams.size() : 0);  
			Vector paramsVector = new Vector(size);
			// Make the RPC call
			Object[] result = (Object[]) rpcClient.execute( "jira1." + method, paramsVector);
			log(method + " sucess.");
			// Log out
			Boolean bool = (Boolean) rpcClient.execute("jira1.logout", loginTokenVector);
			log("Logged out.");
			// Return the result
			return result;
		} catch (Throwable e) {
		return null;
	// Custom Logging Code
	public static void log(String msg) {

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List columns in a table

Writing by on Tuesday, 15 of January , 2013 at 10:27 pm

For, Oracle

-- This is Case Sensitive
SELECT column_name, data_type
FROM user_tab_cols
WHERE UPPER(table_name) = UPPER('MY_TABLE') 

For, MySQL, you can either do a desc my_table or


For SQL Server

FROM information_schema.columns 
WHERE table_name = 'my_table'

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Unable to hear calls on Skype

Writing by on Monday, 14 of January , 2013 at 10:32 pm

Yeah! Might have to do something with the Audio Settings. Go to Tools -> Options -> Audio Settings and change the Speakers setting from Headphones to Speakers (or vice versa). In my case I was on a Docking station and had headset connected to it and I needed to have it set to speakers.

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Shivdev Kalambi's Blog

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