The Hong Kong Layover

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I would definitely recommend it for those who want to set foot in China and get a feel of the city’s hustle and bustle and enjoy some great local food.

I had a 15 hour halt in Hong Kong and didn’t really plan anything, and thought I’d take a tour, but then I decided against it since I just wanted to do get a feel of the city like the locals. First Impression – New York City, but with Chinese people! Not everyone speaks English – so don’t believe what you read elsewhere. You might have to talk to the friendly Europeans there. Very few locals spoke English. It’s pretty safe, so no worries.

So, once you get to Hong Kong, just do your immigration. They are smart they don’t usually charge for Visas. They know you will spend in Hong Kong. I got a 14 day Free Visa. Just amazing!
You can take a guided tour or just explore the islands yourself.

Get the MTR Tourist Day Pass $55 HKD (You will need to get a connection from Airport to Tsing Yi for about $60 HKD return trip)
It’s pretty easy to navigate and here’s something that I did and would recommend (in this order to save time):

  • You definitely want to go to TST (Tsim Sha Tsui) on the MTR and take the Avenue of the Stars Exit for a spectacular view
  • Take the $2.50 HKD Ferry (Yes – Real Cheap) to Hong Kong Central
  • Explore Central Area
  • Take a cab to Victoria Peak Station, then take the tram up to Victoria Peak
  • Come back down, and take Bus 15C back to Central MTR
  • Go to Wan Chai Computer Center if you’re into gadgets etc. – just outside Wan Chai MTR
  • Or perhaps shopping at Times Square at Causeway Bay MTR
  • Add other stops if time permits

Eat at any of the several restaurants on the way and then head back over the airport in time to catch your flight. All in all, a Great city, Fantastic super-clean MTR and local transporation, friendly people, great food and yes – a concrete jungle! You will be amazed if you’re into skyscrapers.

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