Linux RPM Hell error: “mysql-4.1.22-2.el4” specifies multiple packages

Writing by on Thursday, 22 of July , 2010 at 6:27 pm

Can’t get rid of RPMs and you’re running into errors when there are no dependencies?

For example,

error: “mysql-4.1.22-2.el4” specifies multiple packages

Thanks to Hacktux, found the reason is that the RPMs got installed for mysql.i386 and mysql.x86_64

rpm -q –queryformat “%{name}.%{arch}\n” mysql


To solve the problem just execute

rpm -qa | grep mysql | xargs rpm -e –nodeps –allmatches

You should be good to go.

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Installing Display Drivers on CentOS Linux after installation

Writing by on Thursday, 22 of July , 2010 at 8:51 am

One of the biggest problems with Linux distributions is that if you don’t find the right driver, things may not work very smoothly.

Few things to remember (at least with some NVIDIA drivers) is that they require that you be out of X Server. (Can we make things a little harder?)
I think with ATI, things get more complicated – so good luck! So keep in mind:

Ctrl + Alt + F1 (Get out of X Server)
init 3 (really stop X Server)
init 5 (start X Server)

Ctrl + Alt + Backspace (used to restart the X Server)

So now to install the NVIDIA driver (good luck if you can find it), but if you have a Dell and somehow go to their site and figure out the right video card etc. and manage to get the right driver then here’s what you should do:

Ctrl + Alt + F1
init 3
init 5

Ofcourse, there have to be more problems right? They just can’t simplify things. Does it complain about kernel-devel and kernel-source?
So find out the version of the Kernel

uname -a

To further complicate things and make your life miserable, put back in the Linux CD and browse to the CentOS/RPMs folder and find the kernel-devel-xxxxx.rem and the kernel-smp-xxxxx.rpm

Now repeat these steps after you’ve installed the Source and you should be able to install without problems!

Ctrl + Alt + F1
init 3
init 5

This is pretty much a general idea and should get your driver installed. At least it worked for me!
I really suggest going with the Ubuntu distribution to make your life a little easier, but again Ubuntu has it own set of problems.

But with Linux, don’t mind the problems because – the price is right!

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Join several songs from YouTube into a single MP3

Writing by on Monday, 12 of July , 2010 at 11:10 pm

So my wife was practicing for a Bollywood style dance performance and the girls wanted to put together portions of three songs from YouTube. Now they want me to join the three portions of different videos and make one MP3 for the DJ to play. So how do you:

  • Create an MP3 from a video on YouTube
  • Cut the desired parts of the MP3z
  • Join these pieces together
  • Save it as an MP3

After a little searching online, I found one way of doing it. Thanks to some very cool people who have made life so easy.

Step 1: Download the desired videos (say from YouTube) and save them as MP3z (one at a time)

You can use to convert the YouTube video and save it as an MP3.

Step 2: Edit the MP3z

Download Audacity to Edit (or cut portions of an MP3)

Step 3: Ability to export from Audacity to MP3 format

Download Lame MP3 Encoder (through Audacity) or Lame MP3 Encoder (directly) to allow you to export your work to an MP3.

Step 4: Launch Audacity, then Open each MP3 and copy selected portions and paste them into a New Audacity project and export your work to an MP3.

That should get the girls off your back.

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