Use GEdit Text Editor on Ubuntu for editing files through FTP

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Pretty simple. You need to Bookmark the FTP site and then open it from GEdit.

On Ubuntu 12.04

  • Open the Home Folder
  • Go -> Location…
    • Enter the FTP site []
    • Enter credentials [select Remember forever according to your choice]
  • Bookmark -> Add Bookmark…
    • Save this location as a bookmark
  • From GEdit Text Editor, you will now be able to Open the files from the FTP site

You will now be able to from GEdit, open and edit remote files and save them directly to the FTP Site

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The process of getting an Ikea Kitchen

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Thinking of upgrading your old 80’s style Kitchen and need an Ikea style Kitchen? Or is your wife pressuring/whipping your butt to take on this new project? Well, it’s quite a process and here’s a breakdown. And it’s NOT Cheap either (just so you know)

So here are the people involved (at least in the Bay Area – Silicon Valley, CA):

  • Your General Contractor
  • Traemand – Ikea Partner for Design & Cabinet installation
  • United Marble & Granite – Ikea Partner for Countertops
  • Plumber, Electrician or your General Contractor

Now here’s the step by step process – Yes. It has to be in this order and can take several weeks.

  • DESIGN : Get a designer (Ikea partner – Traaemand) to design the Kitchen and come up with parts — $200 just to design it
  • MATERIALS : From the design, buy all the cabinets etc. from Ikea and have it delivered (Best time is when Ikea has a 20% discount SALE)
  • APPLIANCES : You might need to buy appliances from Ikea, Fry’s, Sears etc.
  • DEMOLITION : (Week 1) Get a contractor to demolish your current kitchen
  • NO KITCHEN : (Week 1-4) Prepare to live on Junk Food/Take Out
  • CABINET INSTALLATION : (Week 1) Get Traemand folks to install the cabinets (or have your contractor do this)
  • COUNTER TOP/SINK INSTALLATION : (Week 2-4) Work with UM&G to template the counter top and then have it cut and installed. You can find “other” places to speed up this step.
  • APPLIANCE INSTALLATION : (Week 1-3) Have your General Contractor or the Store (Fry’s/Sears) install appliances
  • PLUMBING : (Week 4) Get water to your sink and refrigerator. UM&G will not drill holes that go past the granite. So if there’s plywood your General Contractor need to take care of it and do the plumbing.
  • ELECTRIAL : (Week 2-4) Gas/220V power supply etc. depending on your situation. Pain in the a$$ – Involve your General Contractor or Electrician
  • BACK IN BUSINESS : (Week 4) Now you can cook at your own place
  • BACKSPLASH : (Week 4-N) You might need to Home Depot this and have your contractor install it or do it yourself.
  • PAINTING : (Week 4-N) Just do it yourself. Enough money spent alreadyl

There you go – Freaking pain in the a$$. It’s a complicated process, but Ikea is a name you can trust and it looks pretty cool (to me) in the end. So it’s worth the wait and the pain. Things can be buggy at times, but yeah just manage the project well and if you have a good contractor you should be good to go.

Here are the photos.

Old Fridge

Picture 1 of 10

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