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So my wife was practicing for a Bollywood style dance performance and the girls wanted to put together portions of three songs from YouTube. Now they want me to join the three portions of different videos and make one MP3 for the DJ to play. So how do you:

  • Create an MP3 from a video on YouTube
  • Cut the desired parts of the MP3z
  • Join these pieces together
  • Save it as an MP3

After a little searching online, I found one way of doing it. Thanks to some very cool people who have made life so easy.

Step 1: Download the desired videos (say from YouTube) and save them as MP3z (one at a time)

You can use to convert the YouTube video and save it as an MP3.

Step 2: Edit the MP3z

Download Audacity to Edit (or cut portions of an MP3)

Step 3: Ability to export from Audacity to MP3 format

Download Lame MP3 Encoder (through Audacity) or Lame MP3 Encoder (directly) to allow you to export your work to an MP3.

Step 4: Launch Audacity, then Open each MP3 and copy selected portions and paste them into a New Audacity project and export your work to an MP3.

That should get the girls off your back.

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