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Getting started with WordPress? OK – First thing install WordPress. Remember your credentials. You will need them to keep up with the blogging. Go to your http://website/wordpress_location and get familiar. Its very intuitive. Then download plugins to make your blogs colorful. I downloaded Google Syntax Highlighter Plugin and Google Code Prettifier and Activated them.

Just google for wordpress plugins, download whatever you like and install it. Installation is usually as simple as copying them into the wordpress_location/wp-content/plugins folder. Any FTP program would do the job. Then go to the plugins page on the Word Press control panel and Activate the plugin. Then, use the plugin according to its desired usage usually <pre class=”plugin”> … code …</pre> Thats it. So Start Blogging !!

You may also want to make your WordPress Blog Search-Engine-Friendly by reading this article. Unfortunately with godaddy and few other providers the permalink titles might not work because of their security protocols.

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Made Thursday, 25 of October , 2007 at 2:50 pm

Thanks… liked your post. I had issues with Code/Visual. Remember to use the Visual layout when using HTML Tags, otherwise they will get escaped.

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