Does Emirates provide Hotel for Dubai layover and what’s the process

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Emirates is the only airline that I flew that provided me a hotel (Millenium Airport Hotel) in Dubai for a night even though I flew Economy. I had booked my travel through and called them to ask for this voucher. Initially they were hesitant but later agreed to provide a voucher. For Business/First class flyers, Emirates provides Visa and Food Vouchers as well as a better Hotel. Since I carried an Indian Passport, I had to get a Visa. This involved paying at the bank, getting my retina scan and showing all the receipts at Immigration.

The process was not too bad. Only thing was the uncertainty. So here’s how it all happens.

  • Call Emirates and make sure they have you in their system to receive a Hotel Voucher. Call again and verify.
  • While flying you only have the eTicket.
  • Upon arrival in Dubai…
    • You might have to ask around to find the right Emirates Desk that provides the Voucher. I remember it being somewhere on the lower level.
    • You might need to get a (Transit) Visa (Pay at the bank, Complete Retina Scan etc.) – US Passport holders don’t need a visa
    • Proceed to Passport Control and clear immigration
    • Hopefully you will have your bags are checked through to your destination, otherwise claim your bags
    • You are now free to visit Dubai
    • Economy passengers can find the Millenium Airport Hotel bus outside the Arrivals Terminal (Might take some time to get there)

I did have friends in Dubai so I was able to meet them and also bought a tour from folks at the hotel.

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