Rafael Nadal vs. Roger Federer vs. Pete Sampras

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Here’s a summary of the Greatest Tennis Players at the Grand Slams. Roger Federer now has 18, and passed Pete Sampras’ 14. Rafael Nadal also has 14, though he has a much better record against Federer. Will he beat it?

Peter Sampras was born on 08/12/1971 in Washington, D.C., USA
Roger Federer was born on 08/08/1981 in Basel, Switzerland
Rafael Nadal was born on 06/03/1986 in Manacor, Majorca, Spain

Pete Sampras Grand Slam Summary

  Aus Open French Open Wimbledon US Open
1988       1R
1989 1R 2R 1R 4R
1990 4R   1R Winner [1] (Agassi)
1991   2R 2R Quarter Final
1992   Quarter Final Semi Final (Ivanisevic) Final (Edberg)
1993 Semi Final (Edberg) Quarter Final Winner [2] (Courier) Winner [3] (Pioline)
1994 Winner [4] (Todd Martin) Quarter Final Winner [5] (Ivanisevic) 4R
1995 Final (Agassi) Round 128 Winner [6] (Becker) Winner [7] (Agassi)
1996 3R Semi Final (Kafelnikov) Quarter Final Winner [8] (Chang)
1997 Winner [9] (Moya) 3R Winner [10] (Pioline) 4R
1998 Quarter Final 2R Winner [11] (Ivanisevic) Semi Final (Rafter)
1999   2R Winner [12] (Agassi)  
2000 Semi Final (Agassi) 1R Winner [13] (Rafter) Final (Safin)
2001 4R 2R Quarter Final Final (Hewitt)
2002 4R 1R 2R Winner [14] (Agassi)

Roger Federer Grand Slam Summary

  Aus Open French Open Wimbledon US Open
1999   1R 1R  
2000 3R 4R 1R 3R
2001 3R QF QF 4R
2002 4R 1R 1R 4R
2003 4R (Nalbandian) 1R (Homa) Winner [1] (Philippoussis) 4R (Nalbandian)
2004 Winner [2] (Safin) 3R (Kuerten) Winner [3] (Roddick) Winner [4] (Hewitt)
2005 Semi Final (Safin) Semi-Final (Nadal) Winner [5] (Roddick) Winner [6] (Agassi)
2006 Winner [7] (Baghdatis) Final (Nadal) Winner [8] (Nadal) Winner [9] (Roddick)
2007 Winner [10] (Gonzalez) Final (Nadal) Winner [11] (Nadal) Winner [12] (Djokovic)
2008 Semi-Final (Djokovic) Final (Nadal) Final (Nadal) Winner [13] (Murray)
2009 Final (Nadal) Winner [14] (Soderling) Winner [15] (Roddick) Final (Del Potro)
2010 Winner [16] (Murray) Quarter Final (Soderling) Quarter Final (Berdych) Semi-Final (Djokovic)
2011 Semi-Final (Djokovic) Final (Nadal) Quarter Final (Tsonga) Semi-Final (Djokovic)
2012 Semi-Final (Nadal) Semi-Final (Djokovic) Winner [17] (Murray) Quarter Final (Berdych)
2013 Semi-Final (Murray) Quarter Final (Tsonga) 2R (Stakhovsky) 4R (Robredo)
2014 Semi-Final (Nadal) 4R (Gulbis) Final (Djokovic) Semi-Final (Cilic)
2015 3R (Seppi) Quarter Final (Warinka) Final (Djokovic) Final (Djokovic)
2016 Semi-Final (Djokovic)   Semi-Final (Raonic)  
2017 Winner [18] (Nadal)   Winner [19] (Cilic) Quarter Final (Del Potro)
2018 Winner [20] (Cilic)      

Rafael Nadal Grand Slam Summary

  Aus Open French Open Wimbledon US Open
2003     3R (Srichaphan) 2R (Aynaoui)
2004 3R (Hewitt)     2R (Roddick)
2005 4R (Hewitt) Winner [1] (Puerta) 2R (Müller) 3R (Blake)
2006   Winner [2] (Federer) Final (Federer) Quarter Final (Youzhny)
2007 Quarter Final (González) Winner [3] (Federer) Final (Federer) 4R (Ferrer)
2008 Semi-Final (Tsonga) Winner [4] (Federer) Winner [5] (Federer) Semi-Final (Murray)
2009 Winner [6] (Federer) 4R (Söderling)   Semi-Final (Del Potro)
2010 Quarter Final (Murray) Winner [7] (Söderling) Winner [8] (Berdych) Winner [9] (Djokovic)
2011 Quarter Final (Ferrer) Winner [10] (Federer) Final (Djokovic) Final (Djokovic)
2012 Final (Djokovic) Winner [11] (Djokovic) 2R (Rosol)  
2013   Winner [12] (Ferrer) 1R (Darcis) Winner [13] (Djokovic)
2014 Final (Wawrinka) Winner [14] (Djokovic) 4R (Kyrgios)  
2015 Quarter Final (Berdych) Quarter Final (Djokovic) 2R (Brown) 3R (Fognini)
2016 1R (Verdasco) 3R (Granollers)   4R (Pouille)
2017 Final (Federer) Winner [15] (Wawrinka) 4R (Muller) Winner [16] (Anderson)
2018 Quarter Final (Cilic)      

1R = Round of 128;
2R = Round of 64;
3R = Round of 32;
4R = Round of 16;
Quarter Final = Round of 8;
Semi Final = Round of 4;

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