Google+ First Impression

Writing by on Wednesday, 13 of July , 2011 at 4:32 am

I’ve been playing with Google+ for about an hour now and here are some initial thoughts:

  • Fantastic, simple, intuitive, very Google like UI
  • Easy to find and add friends (moreover looks like Google figures out contacts through GMail, Android, Buzz, Profile etc.)
  • Not sure how the circles work yet (who can see what and how much)
  • Very Facebook like (with some additional circle business)
  • Great integration with Picassa, Buzz and so on… (I’m sure they’ll integrate easily with Google Calendar etc. etc. soon)
  • I’ve received notifications on several friends etc. who added me, but not sure why the “Have Shivdev in circles” doesn’t list them all
  • I just need to know the rules behind how everything is being displayed
  • Pretty barren at this point – Not too much activity since it’s so new
  • I’m yet to explore the Hangout, WebCam and other conferencing features yet, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be great

Now that Google has a REAL social network

  • Does Facebook need to be worried?
  • How does this affect LinkedIn’s Stock?
  • Would Google+ be as successful as Facebook?
  • Are the BRIC countries going to adopt Google+?

It’s not Twitter and though it addresses some of Facebook’s Privacy issues and being available on the Android Market (soon to be on all Mobiles/Tablets if it has not already) , it’ll be very interesting to see how and if Facebook users will transition over to Google+ and what lies in its future.

Oh, and what’s Microsoft’s plan now?

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