Access the CD-ROM or USB from a Linux Terminal

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Even though this is not a very common use case, you might need to do this and like just about anything with Linux, there’s a bit of a pain here as well.
The easiest way is to access the Disk Utility and see the Mount Point and just cd to that mount point. For example, cd /media/RHEL_6.1/

Otherwise, follow the steps below or read up on mount and umount (unmount)

Depending on the OS, most likely the cdrom will be at /dev/cdrom, the USB will be at /dev/usb etc. But may change.

# Login as root, then follow these steps
$ mkdir /mnt
$ mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
$ cd /mnt/cdrom
$ ls

# To unmount, use the umount command
$ umount /mnt/cdrom
$ ls

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