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Writing by on Wednesday, 1 of February , 2012 at 6:37 pm

If you’re a podcast listener and had an Android phone, you would know Google Listen is unavailable on the Apple AppStore. I started looking at alternatives and found PocketCast! A wonderful app that has a better collection of Podcast feeds and the ability to muanually add Feeds from a URL.

Then I read the “You Guys Are Millionaires Right?” post from ShiftyJelly, the creators of PocketCast and instantly purchased it for $1.99. It Streams, downloads, even plays videos and notifies you on new ones from your podcast subscriptions and does a lot more!

I’ve built Android Apps and I know it’s not as simple as you think (even though I’m a Java Developer) and I know it takes quite a bit of dedicated effort to come up with a really useful and good quality app. Building iPhone apps is much more of an effort and costs more since you need a dev license and can only develop on Macs.

PocketCast is really a cool app, so do upgrade to the full version by paying the $1.99 please. Of course, Apple’s going to get a cut from it – but really you don’t think twice before buying a $5 beer or coffee, do you? So help these guys out, especially if you’re in the software industry, listen to podcasts and own an iPhone.

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