Pidgin Sipe Errors and getting it to work

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Pidgin is a pretty nifty IM client and sipe is a nice plugin for Microsoft LCS/OCS (Lync/Office Communicator). I need it only for work related IM (Lync).

On Ubuntu, installing it is a simple sudo apt-get install pidgin-sipe. I loved how it just worked initially. But, you know problems are going to start soon!

Read Error when you connect : To fix it, add the following to your .bashrc.

$ vi ~/.bashrc

# add this line and save
alias mypidgin=’export NSS_SSL_CBC_RANDOM_IV=0; /usr/bin/pidgin &’

$ source ~/.bashrc

Then start pidgin from the terminal.

$ mypidgin

I found this answer after Google Searches on askubuntu and Matt Woodward’s Blog

Next problem, the pidgin window doesn’t show up … So here’s the workaround that I use that works for me.

$ mypidgin
$ pidgin
Exiting because another libpurple client is already running.

Ignore the warning, but at least the window will show up. So for now, pidgin-sipe is working well.

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